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Under the Blauen Production brand, we produce digital media such as photo and video recordings for corporate events, Headshot, resume, food, location, product and e-Commerce.

You can also find services in SEO, web design, software, Google and social media, Ad Words advertising, editorial articles, as well as print and visual advertising offered by our freelance working friends, from various places of the world.

With the advantage of being a boutique company, we deliver the works early and offer economical solutions.

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Blauen Wedding Photography

We offer photography and video services in hundreds of different areas around the world,
such as weddings, organizations, institutions.


Our aim is to be a part of the shared success with the brands that we serve as an agency for digital media.

We Will Shout Your Name!

We make sure that your potential customers reach you.

Everyone Will Talk About You!

With our services and efforts, you have a say in digital media.

We Will Grow Together…

We will achieve success step by step. Your company will grow and you will earn more.

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Agency President, Director, Photographer

I was born in 1980 in Istanbul. Since 1994, I worked in different departments of companies that produce photography and video. I studied Film Production, directing and picture directing in Istanbul Film Academy in 2017.

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Photo & Video Production

Be it for yourself, for your services or your products; In order to present your request in the best possible way with photo and video content, we will process a suitable offer in the shortest possible time.

Web Design and Software

We create professional websites with our team of experts and thus increase your business potential and reserve your place in the digital market.

Corporate Identity

We also design for your company’s physical advertising, which will be also printed and presented.

Search Ads

In order to achieve a high level of efficiency in your search engine ads, we don`t deliver them to large masses, but to certain target groups.

Social Media

We ensure that you achieve your brand awareness, interaction, brand loyalty, traffic and conversion goals with effective and creative content that reflects your brand.

SEO & Content Editor

You can take your place in the digital market ahead of your competition by using our SEO service and an associated content editor service.



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Meeting and Sharing Ideas

We hold a meeting where we can get to know each other and talk about how to increase your business in digital channels based on our experience.

Pricing and Planning

After our meeting, we give a presentation in which we clearly and precisely describe our service and then submit a price offer.
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Final Strategy

With the agreed expectations and suggestions, the planning of the strategies begins and according to the plan the start is given.


After the customer’s approval, the prepared strategy will be put in to practice.

Control and Submission

Finally, the work will send to the customer for inspection and approval. The customer checks the work and, if necessary, it will be revised and then completed for submission.

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